Little Miss Somersault is so acrobatic she doesn't sleep on a bed, no, not Miss Somersault! She sleeps on a tightrope! Every morning she gives an aerobics class to Miss Splendid, Miss Greedy,and Mr. Lazy. They don't do well. Miss Somersault says they are hopeless. Then, Miss Magic flies by. She thinks Miss Somersault needs to be taught a lesson. She makes Miss Somersault unable to turn somersaults. The next day,a miserable Miss Somersault meets Miss Curious, who asks her why she can't turn somersaults anymore. Then Miss Magic returns her to her original form. Then she does a somersault and cuts in line. Miss Magic teaches Miss Somersault another lesson. The next morning, Miss Somersault can do even better. Then she goes outside to find all her friends doing acrobatic stunts. Then she realizes Miss Magic had done everything.


  • Miss Somersault
  • Miss Magic
  • Mr. Lazy
  • Miss Splendid
  • Miss Greedy
  • Miss Curious (briefly)
  • Mr. Tall (briefly)
  • Mr. Greedy (does not speak)
  • Miss Shy (briefly)
  • Mr. Clumsy (does not speak)
  • Miss Contrary (cameo)


  • Goof: When Miss Magic is speaking to Mr. Tall, Miss Contrary appears, then goes away, then returns again.

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