• TsumTsumFan Est. 2017

    I'm working on this picture........and I'm hoping it turns out well. =) And I  want to make it..........................................for you guys. 

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  • Caracas Venezuela

    Go yo

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  • Caracas Venezuela

    Pilot: Out Dancing

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  • Caracas Venezuela

    Even though real name being "Big Box Of Doom" I give it 5/5.

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    Hello, from Dillydale! My name is Amazingcocoguy923 and I have joined several wikias. I am here with my first page to discuss my most favorite characters from The Mr. Men Show because it is amazingly funny and... good! Hope you enjoy!

    I like Mr. Quiet's personality because he is exactly like me. In the episode, 'Bath & Bubbles' he just wants to enjoy a nice, peaceful bath, and his bathroom looks beautiful! Except for his noisy neighbours...

    Oh, wow! This little daredevil really steps up her game! From riding a rocket-themed matress from the matress wizard, from building a rocket on the beach... From taking some friends of her's to a distant planet... She really is a daredevil!

    Oh, her body style is red and pointy, and I do enjoy a little frig…

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  • Richardgeorgiou999


    January 25, 2016 by Richardgeorgiou999

    Hey everyone, I’ve found a Mr Men puzzle build video I think it’s really cool I hope you do too. This one features Mr Tickle one of my favourite charters. Hope you enjoy as much as I do and I hope FunToyZone bring some more videos out soon I believe its part of a 10 puzzle set!! Enjoy.

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  • C.Syde65

    You may have noticed that some of the classic designs of some of our Mr. Men characters have changed (excluding the Mr. Men show PLEASE!) Here are some descriptive changes in the way some of our Mr. Men characters used to look, and how they now look.

    • Previously in the shape of a fattened oval.
    • Now in the shape of an eight.

    • Previously in the shape of an oval with an enormous nose. Was a brownish medium-dark green when first published.
    • Now in the shape of an oval with with a slightly smaller nose. The bridge of the nose sticks inwards more, which results in a more defined nose. He is now a medium-dark green.

    • Previously cream with a red top hat.
    • Now light brown with an orange top hat (although his hat may still appear red in some pages of later pri…

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  • Woybff

    Hello Everyone

    August 23, 2015 by Woybff

    Hello I'm Woybff, I never knew that Mr.Men was as old as 1980. Well ya learn somethin' new everyone day. I may start a series about Mr.Men on my channel.

    [http:// ~To Woybff's Youtube Channel click here!~]

    If you'd like to ask me any questions about Mr.Men and Little Miss please do so in my comments and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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  • Banettefan688

    And how the only difference is their colors and how Mr. Bounce is a little smaller than Mr. Tickle?

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  • Banettefan688

    Mr. Bounce and Mario

    Mr. Tickle and Spongebob

    Miss Naughty and Lady Gaga

    Miss Sunshine and Princess Peach

    Miss Bossy and Rambamboo

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  • Natemamate

    mr insane

    February 12, 2014 by Natemamate

    mr insane is a main villain and a psychopath he is well just looks at counter parts

    joker from batman both are homocidal maniacs

    mr mean both are complete monsters

    mr grumpy both are ill mannered

    sideshow bob from the simpsons both are psychopaths

    eric cartmen both are kinda rude but cartman is not as evil as dr insano

    chuck the evil sandwich making guy from wordgirl both rule thier towns in alternate relatys

    mr happy both smile but mr happy isnt evil

    discord my little pony both are mischief makers

    smg3 smg4 both are evil greedy and complete monsters


    i ams evil



    genrealy i don,t care when you guys are around unless you get injured oh look mr bump just hurt himseif

    i am king insane now

    he is a complete oppisete to …

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  • Upupdowndownawayandaway

    Who is your favourite character?

    You can tell from the Mr Men books and also the Mr Men Show.

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  • Andelkamalikova

    Mr. Excited

    October 4, 2013 by Andelkamalikova

    Mr. excited.


    One day with mr excited she excited and everyone sad. but said. good morning you get  me gif for ya, but m.r awe said. no i do know but she sad for you she notting cookies and good her. but mr excited getting sad,

    and the everyone. getting. why mr excited notting gif for a mr excited.

    The mr show.

    mr excited she very excited.

    International publications & translations.

    (czech) Pan nadšený.

    (japanese) ミスター興奮.

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  • MrBungaAlex

    Mr. Men Show Episode

    August 6, 2013 by MrBungaAlex

    If you were able to write your own Mr. Men Show episode, what would it go like?  Mine would have Miss Magic switching everybody's bodies.  First, she'd switch Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy's bodies, then Mr. Rude and Mr. Stubborn's bodies, then Mr. Noisy and Mr. Quiet's bodies, then Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Happy's bodies, then Miss Chatterbox and Miss Sunshine's bodies, then Mr. Nervous and Miss Scary's bodies, then Mr. Lazy and Mr. Strong's bodies, then Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small's bodies, then Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle's bodies, then Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops' bodies.  In the end, Miss Magic accidentally makes herself switch bodies with Miss Daredevil, and she must find a way to switch everybody's bodies back.

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  • David Olaru Mr Men

    Hi, these ideas are my ideas for The Mrs. Women Show.

    Mrs. Freeman: She's the same, but her arms can shrink whenever she wants to. Catchphase: Somebody needs a tickle and That woman really needs a tickle.

    Miss White: She's the same. Catchphrase: Popopity poop!

    Miss Menzies: She's the same, but her legs are slimmer. Catchphrase: Wonderful!

    Mrs. Filtness: She has a unibrow and wears untidy brown shoes. Catchphrase: Shazam!, That's what I'm talking about! and Messy, not dressy!

    Mrs. Relf: She has gains glasses. Catchphrase: Sweet Henrietta (Sweet Apple Strudel in UK) and How revolting!

    Mrs. Barkway: She now has a flower ring and she's best friends with Mrs. Hill. Catchphrase: Just looking!

    Mrs. Hill: She has a ring. Catchphrase: Good tidings! and Gr…

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  • Toadrocks0409

    Hi PEEPS!!! THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG ON THIS WIKI :) Anyways, which character do you like best out of all of these characters?

    MR. MEN

    a) Mr.Happy

    b) Mr.Nervous

    c) Mr.Rude

    d) Mr.Fussy

    e) Mr.Noisy

    f) Mr.Grumpy

    g) Mr.Strong

    h) Mr.Scatterbrain

    i) Mr.Nosy

    j) Mr.Small

    k) Mr.Stubborn

    l) Mr.Quiet

    These are only the Mr.Men so far but tell me in the comments if I missed any. MY choice would be a tie between Mr.Quiet and Mr.Grumpy (it's just a opinion!)

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  • Brainiac Adam

    I have been suffering a lot of cyberbullying from a certain person who is a real spoiled bully who gets banned, only to escape it and cause me more trouble. This is what he has been doing to me

    • Made fun about how I looked and how my voice sounds
    • Threatened to get me banned just because of youtube comment settings and I refuse to let him get admin rights here. He only wants Admin rights just to remove mine, cyberbully me and other individuals and upload inapropiate crap about several people like me.
    • Attacks and harrasses me on wikis that I don't or rarely use
    • Impersonated me
    • Impersonated family members
    • Impersonated other people
    • Lied to me about being sorry
    • Blackmail
    • Uploading inapropiate information about me such as pictures of me
    • Called me horrible…
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  • Ms. Bunny

    Blogging, what is "blogging" anyways?


    It seems to me, so simple yet complex. Where you start a theme, a topic, a thought… How do you choose? What captivates your audience? If I were to write about something preposterous would anyone read, follow, let alone post commentary? Perhaps finding the niche is all that is needed to open the minds of those seeking a little something different in the world of blogging.

    Blogging... Words, thoughts, feelings of this modern day in a release of what is cluttering your mind. An exercise of one’s imagination of mind. To invoke thinking without risk and freedom to express your very thoughts simplistically.

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  • Ms. Bunny

    Ms. Bunny...

    June 26, 2012 by Ms. Bunny

    Ms. Bunny...Said... is saying... is thinking... about... something...I have so many thoughts to share...Ideas that could truly shape ones thoughts and feelings.Most are very interesting and mostly random... but then again, I am Ms. Bunny... and I do say what I want to say even if it makes no sense to you... it may make sense to others... and perhaps bring a smile to light your day... with wit, knowledge, and a twist of naughty... that's what I say...Many of us go through life hopelessly hopping along...I CHOOSE TO JUMP!

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  • Damiedeter

    Hi guys! These ideas are my ideas for the 3rd season of The Mr. Men Show:

    New characters with new looks:

    Mr. Greedy-Similar looks except now with a rounder stomach and the same size as Mr. Nosey. Catchphrase: I'm hungry!

    Mr. Sneeze-Same except now a circle. Catchphrase: ACHOOOOO!

    Mr. Snow-Only difference is that now he has a top hat instead of a blue hat. Catchphrase: Let it snow!

    Mr. Topsy-turvy-Loses his cane and his hat is normal instead of being upside down. Catchphrase: (gets words mixed up)

    Mr. Silly-Now has eyes, his hat is bigger, and he has smaller brown shoes. Catchphrase: Look at me!

    Mr. Uppity-His color is now the same as Mr. Stubborn's, his black top hat is thinner, he loses his monocle, and he becomes friends with Mr. Fussy and Mr. …

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  • Tickle Bear

    Okay Stop It!

    March 14, 2012 by Tickle Bear

    Stop harrasing Adam,why do you care about him being your friend so much? Because he won't be ever again if you keep harrasing him, al he wanted to do was prevent spam on his channel and I don't think it was about you personally, so PLEASE Mr. Curious stop bugging Adam or he will find a way to get the law to stop you.

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  • Excusable angel

    hi, i saw someone posted a image with the family of mr. rude ( as the photo attached... they all look similar, but different hair style.... )

    mr. rude is my fav. character!!

    can anyone please tell me which episode is the scene where the entire mr.rude family is sitting in a place look like theather/ cinema? i am not on this site often, please send to my email

    thank you so much!!!!!

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  • ChameleonCove

    So I was thinking of putting tabs for characters. This is how the tabs will be arranged.

    Character Story Trivia Counterparts Apperances Quotes

    (The Story Tab is only for characters that have a story in thier book)

    You guys won't delete the counterparts in the character pages plus the page would be way too long, so I will let you delete that page and forget about it.

    If you have suggestion or fanfiction, from now on please put your user name or Anonymous after the title like this:

    Little Miss Cute/Ideas for Season 3

    Little Miss Cute: Dare To Be Different

    I've been looking at the episodes articles of the Mr. Men Show and there was false info. If it's not true, please remove it immediately!

    Also, I had a look at my page and there was info not…

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  • Nastja46

    My little misses

    January 5, 2012 by Nastja46

    So you can talk about my ocs? Sure!

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hey everyone, isn't it great now that I am admin. I got rid of all the uproars and fake articles on this wiki and there are no more left. Peace is restored ladies and gentlemen! And I wanna wish you all Merry Christmas! It's that wonderful time of the year again so merry christmas people and a very happy new year.

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  • Mr. Curious

    News Update

    October 1, 2011 by Mr. Curious

    I will be on Rottnest Island for the first week of october. Spring Break started today till halfway through october. Sorry I didn't try this when I was heading Up Over. PS Look here at my youtube account.

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  • Brainiac Adam

    I'm back!

    September 26, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hi Guys

    I have returned from Poland now. It was a great holiday. Sad to leave. :( But glad to be back. :)

    So what did I miss?

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Poland Trip

    September 14, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hello Everyone

    Good to see the wiki is peacefull and happy once again. :) Anyway, I want to tell you all that next week I am going to Poland for a holiday. I am leaving on the 19th of September and I will be returning on the 26th too, so while I am gone, I hope all edits will be peaceful and free of war and arguements. So Stan, Caroline and whoever is reading this. Make sure there are no wars and conflicts and stuff while I am gone ok.

    Keep editing my friends. I am still here for now, but one the 19th I am gone and I will be back on the 26th ok. See ya!

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  • HiroRules2

    Chorion= Lazy Bones

    August 27, 2011 by HiroRules2

    Still no season 3

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  • Mr. Curious

    My Password is still set for 30 days and it hasn't worn off. Thankyou knindly TyrannoRanger. Wonder how it could have solved. Any suggetions post a comment and take guesses. Hope You're all happy for me. For Bad News, I've hated my IP Lately always getting blocked and it just won't EXPIRE and I've had it for nearly 5 months. I must train it to stop clowning after it's block expires.

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  • Mr. Curious

    Password Problem

    July 29, 2011 by Mr. Curious

    My Computer does not remember me for 30 days and only remembers a for like a few hours. It happened since I changed my username. My laptop remember me for most of my whole vacation when I reached Britain. Could anyone kindly investigate or ask TyrannoRanger to help please someone?

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  • Tickle Bear

    This has got to be one of the worst wikis I've ever seen! So many useless articles and other bad stuff, I've seen better wikis than this, maybe it's because there's only ONE admin. This wiki needs serious cleaning up. And people are going "Keith this and Keith that" I hate the way you treat this person! How would YOU feel if someone forced you to come back to something you don't like anymore? All this arguing over children's books, some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves. No I am NOT saying it's bad to like a little kids' show, I just hate it when people make wars in fandoms, especially if the fandom is supposed to be for babies in the first place, for some reason that botheres me most.

    Just needed to get that off my chest.

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Hello people of the Mr Men wiki, a good friend on Deviantart has created a wiki where you people can post fanmade Mr Men characters now maybe even fanmade episodes and projects, like Season 3. It's a perfect place for you people. Go ahead and add some OCS there.--Brainiac Adam 00:17, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Hi everyone. I'm really sorry I hadn't been coming as much. Lately I have been finding other Wikis where I feel more comfortable editting. Just because I have been inactive lately, it doesn't mean you had to vandalize stuff or add rubbish.

    But yeah, it's good to be back. I'll hope to see some good appropiate edits. :) --Brainiac Adam 15:19, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Little Miss Wendy

    Hi girls and a guy!

    November 27, 2010 by Little Miss Wendy

    Hello! I m here nosyandsmall, Miss cute, brainiac adam! You both give me messages to my talkroom, its sooooo funny and give me hillarious pics!

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  • Coachzprincesslover456

    Its nice to meet you, so we have to get married! ILU, Marry me!

    I do not have a boyfriend yet, plx marry me!

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  • TdiAlex

    Plz help me!

    September 16, 2010 by TdiAlex

    I need more editors on my wikia that I created







    ッ Gwens so lame there's just no ho-o-o-o-ope! 23:26, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Nosyandsmall

    nosy and small

    August 24, 2010 by Nosyandsmall

    Check it out. I'm the real Nosy and Small lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Whoops6

    Whos Better?

    April 25, 2010 by Whoops6

    Who do you think is better? Little Miss Quick,Little Miss Busy,or Little Miss Star? I'll look at the votes, and the winning charecter will have a link to my home page.

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  • ChameleonCove

    Whose your mr man?

    October 17, 2009 by ChameleonCove

    What Mr. Man or Little Miss do you counterpart with?

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  • ChameleonCove


    September 28, 2009 by ChameleonCove

    If You were a Mr. Man or Little Miss, What would your story be about?

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  • Totaldramaman


    August 19, 2009 by Totaldramaman

    Today we learn.....




    I need think time.

    "My tummy talk too. It say feed me." ~Peetree

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