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Canned Goods is a Mr Men episode from the first season. Mr. Bump got pushed in a can in this episode.


Miss Naughty's Plot: Miss Naughty switches cans, she switched snails with creamed/sweet corn for money, the Mr. Men and Misses accidentally got canned snails, and Miss Naughty sells creamed/sweet corn door to door, she gave Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small their creamed/sweet corn but she failed to give some to Miss Chatterbox, because she dropped her wagon and spilled them all over Miss Whoops' can truck.

Mr Happy and Miss Sunshine's Plot: At the Good Morning Dillydale Centre, Mr Rude has to remember what the bean cans are without looking, but by smell and taste.

Mr Grumpy and Mr Stubborn's Plot (deleted in the UK version): Mr. Stubborn hurt his arm and tries to open a cherry soda can all by himself, but he can't do it, so Mr. Grumpy offers to help him, but Mr. Stubborn won't let him, finally Mr. Grumpy grabs the can and tries to open it, it gets all over him and Mr. Stubborn leaves because that can is cheap!

Mr Bump's Plot: Mr Bump, Miss Whoops and Mr Tickle sort out pea cans, but Mr Bump is pushed in a can and is sent to Mr Scatterbrain who offers Mr. Bump to eat sauerkraut with him and his penguin friends.


  • Mr. Rude farts twice in Good Morning Dillydale.
  • Miss Whoops and Mr Rude appear in two plots.
  • Miss Chatterbox's house can be seen on a hill.
  • Many reccur that the can Mr. Bump went in was Mr. Bump-Flavored Peas.
  • When Mr. Persnickety first speaks in this episode, he has the voice of Mr. Small. It was a mistake, and it was corrected in the UK version.
  • Miss Whoops got tickled by Mr. Tickle in this episode.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox says that spiders eat bad bugs in the US, but she says flies instead of bugs the UK.
  • In the US, when Mister Small and Mister Nosy open their can of snails, Mister Small exclaims "Egads!", but in the UK, he exclaims "I say!".


Miss Whoops knocks cans over Miss Calamity.

  1. Miss Calamity finishes stacking them, but Miss Whoops takes a lower can, causing the whole stack to fall and Miss Calamity to fall into the pile.
  2. Miss Whoops takes a can from a shelf that Miss Calamity is dusting, but when Miss Whoops replaces the can, the shelf falls onto Miss Calamity!
  3. Miss Calamity chucks the cans in her bag on Miss Whoops and a giant can lands on her.

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