In 5 episodes of each Season (except Season 1), Little Miss Magic will transform a Character (2 in one of the episodes).

List of characters she transformed

She transformed only 6 characters so far.

Season 2

  • Mr. Messy: 1,000,000 Tiny Clones (In Up And Down) (The Spell went Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Blelp,give Mr. Rude lots of help.)
  • Little Miss Daredevil: A goat (In Sneezes & Hiccups) (The Spell went Bibbledy-Boop and Bibble-Biccups, put an end to her silly hiccups/Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Back, Give the Goat girl her old voice back)
  • Little Miss Scary: A Pineapple (In Trains And Planes) (The Spell went Bibbledy-Boop and Bibbledy-Bapple, give Mr. Fussy a juicy Pineapple)
  • Mr. Fussy: A block of Ice (In Trains And Planes) (The Spell went Bibble-Boop and Bibbledy-Bice, give Mr. Fussy some juice with ice)
  • Mr. Rude: A bean burger (In Parks) (The Spell went Bibbledy-Boop and Bibble-Burger, give Mr. Rude a bean burger)
  • Mr. Noisy: A whale (In Travel (The Spell went Zirridee (who is to redo the spell))
  • Herself: A lawnmower (in Sneezes & Hiccups) and a tree (in Trees).

Causes of the Transformations

  • Miss Magic made Mr. Messy into 1,000,000 tiny clones to give out orders (reason for turning Mr. Messy into 1,000,000 tiny clones)
  • Miss Magic tried to get rid of Miss Daredevil's hiccups (reason for turning Miss Daredevil into a goat)
  • Miss Magic tried to give Mr. Fussy a juicy Pineapple (reason for turning Miss Scary into a pineapple)
  • Miss Magic tried to give Mr. Fussy Pineapple juice with ice (reason for turning Mr. Fussy into a block of ice)
  • Miss Magic tried to give Mr. Rude a bean burger (reason for turning Mr. Rude into a bean burger)
  • Miss Magic tried to give Mr. Noisy water after he said he was as thirsty as a whale (reason for turning Mr. Noisy into a whale)


Her catchphrase is "Sometimes, my magic surprises even me".


Pictures of Characters she transformed

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