Driving is a series/season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show, Miss Bossy is first seen in Driving.

.Mr. Happy and Miss Whoops's Story: Mr. Happy teaches Little Miss Whoops how to drive. But then Miss Whoops keeps crashing into stuff all through the driving test.

.Mr. Rude's Story: Mr. Rude has an ad for his Mr. Rude's Car Service, but he keeps pressing the eject button to kick people out. (Not in UK)

.Mr. Strong's Plot: Mr. Strong guests on Shazam That's Good, singing a song called Burning Rubber.

.Mr. Fussy and Mr. Nervous's Story: Mr. Fussy and Mr. Nervous drive to the country for a realaxing visit. But then they pick up 4 not to good hitchhikers, Mr. Tickle, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Quiet, and Miss Scary.


Mr. Happy

Mr. Rude

Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Noisy

Mr. Messy

Mr. Strong

Mr. Fussy

Mr. Nervous

Mr. Tickle

Mr. Quiet

Little Miss Whoops

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Giggles (Non Speaking)

Little Miss Bossy (Non Speaking)

Little Miss Daredevil (Non- Speaking)

Mr. Bump (Non- Speaking)

Mr. Scatterbrain (Non- Speaking)

Mr. Lazy (Non- Speaking)

Mr. Bounce (Non - Speaking)

Mr. Tall (Non- Speaking)


  • Little Miss Bossy first appears in this episode. (Miss Bossy has her first speaking roll in Arts & Crafts, Garages in the U.K. version)
  • This is the first farting episode in season 2. (In The US Version)
  • This is the second time Mr.Fussy's car was destroyed.The first time was in Car Wash.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mr. Tall

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