• Mr. Happy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Happy gets his eyes exam, though with Mr. Stubborn as his eye doctor, he gets the wrong results.
  • Miss Whoops, Mr Nervous, And Mr Fussy's Plot/Song:The three glasses wearing characters sing Four Eyes Are Better Than One (Not In UK)
  • Little Miss Helpful's Plot: Miss Helpful advertises on the fashionable eye wear.
  • Little Miss Whoops's Plot: Miss Whoops loses her glasses as a flight attendant and has a hard time telling who's who, even when temporarily having Mr. Nervous' glasses. She soon makes the ride terrifying for the other Mr. men and Little Misses.


  • Mr. Nervous took off his glasses and gave them to Miss Whoops.
  • Miss Whoops called Mr. Nervous Miss Naughty,Mr. Quiet Miss Sunshine,Mr. Bump Miss Chatterbox.
  • Mr. Happy is seen with his glasses in his and Mr. Stubborn's plot but his glasses are gone in Miss Whoops's plot.


  • Mr. Happy: Mr. Stubborn, I don't mean to disagree but...
    • Mr. Stubborn: Are you the eye doctor?
    • Mr. Happy: No
    • Mr. Stubborn: Am I the eye doctor?
    • Mr. Happy: yes, but I...
    • Mr. Stubborn: THEN LET ME DO MY JOB!!!
  • Miss Whoops: Whoops.Lost my glasses.Oh well.I can see without them.

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