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Flying is the eleventh episode (first part of the sixth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Nervous' plot: Mr. Nervous imagines that he's an astronaut in a rocket and gets stuck in space.It's really shown that he's holding up a 2 minute ride that looks like a rocket.
  • Mr. Grumpy plot: Mr. Grumpy is a flight attendant but gets bugged with Mr. Rude pressing the buzzer, Mr. Persnickety asking for a new pillow that's clean, and Mr. Bounce bouncing all over the place.In the end Mr. Grumpy gives Mr. Persnickety a new pillow, Mr. Bounce.
  • Mr. Quiet, Mr. Tickle, and Miss Whoops' plot: Mr. Tickle takes Mr. Quiet a crazy helicopter ride. (Driven by Little Miss Whoops.)
  • Miss Calamity's plot: Miss Calamity goes on a balloon trip to her bonnet back with a ride with pigs, a train, a fishing rod, and mud.
  • Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Quiet's plot: Mr. Stubborn takes Mr. Quiet on a crazy plane ride.
  • Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Bump goes skydiving but with Miss Helpful's help Mr. Bump crashes. (Excluded in the UK)


  • This episode tells that Mr. Grumpy is 30 years old, because he said he's been working on the plane for years. Also, Mr. Grumpy was published in 1978 and The Mr. Men Show premiered in 2008.
  • Like Mr. Persnickety, Mr. Quiet's eyes got big and weren't bead like when the plane's fuel take was empty.
  • Even though it didn't air in UK, due to violence, Mr. Bump's video is online the UK website.
  • A map of Dillydale was probably shown multiple times, and there were two cities on the map. The second one could be Tiddletown from the 1995 series, Neatville (mentioned in Airports), Onionville (mentioned by Mr. Scatterbrain in Night), or something else. It is also mentioned in Music that Dillydale is a nation. (in the UK version), so Dillydale could have a neighboring city.
  • Miss Whoops came close to destroying Mr. Quiet's house, and she actually destroyed in a later Season 1 episode. (Construction)
  • Everyone except for Mr. Messy, Mr. Noisy, and Miss Naughty appeared in this episode.

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