He... Hello Little Miss Shy is the 11th episode of the first season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on December 27, 1995.


Little Miss Shy is so shy that she doesn't feel like talking to people. She was practicing on talking to Mr. Stamp when he comes to bring her mail but she can't do it. Meanwhile Mr. Bump and Mr. Rush are going to see the circus, but Balthazaar the Circus Lion escaped. The poor lion was also shy so he went to see Little Miss Shy. Little Miss Shy let him stay, but soon the Ringmaster came to get the lion back to the circus. Little Miss Shy stepped up tall and told him all about the lion being shy. Little Miss Shy felt better, so better that when Mr. Stamp came she said hello bravely.



  • Little Miss Shy got angry in this episode.

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