This page lists the accidents in all of the cartoons.

Books and their TV versions.

Mr. Nosy gets paint,a clothespin, and hit by hammer on his nose in Mr. Nosy.

Mr. Bump has various accidents in Mr. Bump.

Mr. Daydream (along with Jack) almost get eaten by a crocodile in Mr. Daydream

Mr. Small gets two black eyes and breaks his foot in Little Miss Trouble.

Mr. Men and Little Miss (1995)

Mr. Skinny gets sent down the drain in Mr. Skinny is up the spout.

Miss Helpful causes much chaos in Little Miss Helpful Goes to the Fair.

Mr. Men Show (2008)

Mr. Fussy gets kidnapped by the Giant Blue Bellied Buzzard in Birds.

Miss Whoops gets hit by a nose bone in Science.

Mr. Strong breaks the exersize machine in Physical.

Miss Calamity falls off the treadmill in Physical.

Mr. Scatterbrain falls down and loses the baton in Physical.

Mr. Bump floats away with the blood pressure cuff and falls back down in Boo Boos.

Mr. Stubborn has a carrot in his ear in Boo Boos.

Miss Calamity has a fishbowl stuck on her head in Boo Boos. (Miss Whoops somehow got it back on)

Mr. Bounce crashes into something in both bumpers in Boo Boos.

Mr. Nervous has a splinter in Boo Boos.

Mr. Bump gets hurt on the bed courtesy of Miss Whoops in Boo Boos and Fairies and Gnomes.

Mr. Persnickety falls into the trough after tripping on a rake in Farm.

Mr. Bump gets run over by haybales in Farm.

Mr. Bump rolls down a steep hill on a tractor wagon in Farm.

Mr. Quiet gets hit with loads of hay, chickens (also gets pecked by one), fish, and apples in Farm.

Mr. Rude gets trapped in the popcorn machine in Movies.

Miss Calamity goes through the projector in Movies. (also falls backward right before)

Mr. Stubborn drops a moon rock on his foot in Science

A toy rocket hits Mr. Lazy on the butt in Science

Mr. Persnickety gets licked by a frog in Science

Mr. Quiet gets sucked up by the vacuum cleaner in the last bumper of Science.

A large pumpkin falls on Mr. Bounce in the introduction scene of fair.

Mr. Bump gets hit by TWO random falling potted plants AND gets run over by Miss Calamity in Mall.

(please list more, I was just starting it)

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