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Little Miss Magic woke up and went to mow her lawn by making the lawn mower do it by itself. Then she went for a walk. First she met Mr. Strong who was sad because of his strengh he broke his gate, so Miss Magic made him weak. Then she met Mr. Small who was sad because he can't jump over a wall, so Miss Magic made him tall. Then she met Mr. Forgetful who was sad because he can't remember what he's doing, so Miss Magic made him remember things. Finally she met Mr. Greedy who was sad because he's so fat he can't fit between his gate, so Miss Magic made him skinny. When she was having breakfast the four sad Mr. Men showed up at their front door because they were sad all over again. Mr. Strong was sad because he's so weak he can't open his front door, Mr. Small was sad because he can't fit inside his house, Mr. Forgetful was sad because he has so many things to remember that he got confused, Mr. Greedy was sad because he dosen't know what to with all of his food. So Miss Magic made them all back to normal and said that they are special the way they are. Mr. Forgetful came back and asked if she invited him to tea.



  • This is the second time Mr. Greedy became thin.
  • On the back cover of Little Miss Bossy has a Busy Day she only has 1 eye

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