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Little Miss Star is the nineteenth book in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves.

Little Miss Star
  • Color: Blue
  • shape: Round
  • Gender : Female
  • Hair: Red in curly flat-top
  • Family : none
  • Friends:The Mr. Men and Little Misses
  • Rivals:None
  • Occupation:Movie Star
  • Love:Mr. Perfect
  • Species:Shaped Human
  • Likes:Being the star
  • Dislikes:Being second
  • Release date: 1984
  • Job: Being popular and famous
  • Features: Green and white shoes
  • Voice Actresses: Jill Shilling (1991-1997), Judy Marshak (1997-1999)


Little Miss Star wants to be popular more than anything. She goes to see a man (of which we can only see his long legs, this is later revealed to be Roger Hargreaves), and the next day she walks past a shop window and sees her book (Little Miss Star by Roger Hargreaves) in the window.


  • In Little Miss Star The Leading Witness, she had an alter ego called The Masked Avenger.
  • In Little Miss Star Goes To Jollywood, in Miss Star's dream Mr. Mean was her director and Mr. Uppity was her chaffuer named James.
  • Both her and Mr. Small request that Roger Hargreaves write a book about them.


  • Her Letterland counterpart is Quarrelsome Queen because they have orange hair.
  • Her Toddworld counterpart is Stella because they both dream of being a star.
  • Her Wonderful World of Rojo counterpart is Rosa the Meerkat because they both dream of being a star.
  • Her Hotel Room Penguin counterpart is Starlina the Hamster because they have the word Star of their names.
  • Her Little Monsters counterpart is TV Trevor because they dream of being famous.
  • Her Beavis and Butthead counterpart is Beavis because they both have alter egos (I am Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole.)
  • Her Harry Potter counterpart is Harry Potter, because they are both famous.
  • Her other Harry Potter counterpart is Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, because once again they are both famous.
  • Her Fanboy and Chum Chum counterpart is Sigmund The Sorcerer, because they are both famous.
  • Her Street Fighter counterpart is Fei Long, because they are both famous.
  • Her Mortal Kombat counterpart is Johnny Cage, because they are both famous.
  • Her Total Drama counterpart is Dakota because they are both famous.
  • Her Sgt Frog counterpart is Sumomo because they are both famous.
  • Her Rainbow Brite counterpart is Indigo, because they are both famous.
  • Her Marvel Comics counterpart is Tony Stark/Iron Man, because they are both famous.
  • Her Alvin and the Chipmunks counterpart is Alvin because they are both celebrities.
  • Her Lalaloopsy counterpart is Harmony B. Sharp because they are both stars and can sing
  • Her Care Bear Cousins counterpart is Noble Heart Horse because they are both stars and can dance
  • Her Betty Boop counterpart is the titular character because they are both famous.

International publications & translations

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally.

  • Madame Vedette (French)
  • Η Κύριος Διάσημη (Greek)
  • 明星小姐 (Taiwan)
  • スターちゃん (Japanese)
  • 스타양 (Korean)

List of characters

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

Title character other appearances

This is a list of other books that the title character has appeared in.

  • Little Miss Brainy (With a blue nose instead of red)
  • Little Miss Birthday
  • Little Miss Fabulous
  • A Job For Little Miss Giggles(TV)(cameo)
  • A Very Happy Day For Mr. Happy(TV)
  • Little Miss Star, the Leading Witness (TV)
  • Little Miss Star Goes To Jollywood (TV)
  • Mr. Clumsy in the Brains and the Brawn (TV)
  • Mr. Forgetful, the World's Best Actor (TV)
  • Little Miss Wise's Crazy Day (TV)
  • Mr. Clumsy, Head Butler (TV)
  • Little Miss Splendid's Gift (TV)
  • Mr. Noisy, the Music Man (TV)(cameo)
  • Mr. Skinny is up the spout (TV)
  • Another Victory for Little Miss Splendid(TV)(mentioned)
  • Mr. Small's Big Dream (TV)(cameo, with no nose and no shoes)
  • Little Miss Trouble and the Magic Paint (TV)(cameo, no shoes)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox Finds Her Calling (TV)


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