In this book, Little Miss Sunshine goes for a walk on a rainy day. Then she sees Little Miss Bossy, who is then turned into a bat. Little Miss Sunshine is impressed by this, but continues on her walk. When the rain stops, Little Miss Sunshine sees Mr Rude, who is then turned into a frog. Little Miss Sunshine is astonished, but continues her walk, but then sees Little Miss Dotty/Ditzy, who is suddenly turn into a mouse. Then Little Miss Sunshine sees a witch, and follows the witch. Then she sees the witch making a brew. The witch mumbles a spell and says "Early tomorrow morning, turn Little Miss Sunshine into a dog." Little Miss Sunshine hears this and has to tell Little Miss Magic, so she jumps on the witch's broomstick and flies off to Little Miss Magic's house, which isn't quite easy because she doesn't know how to control a broomstick very well. Little Miss Sunshine goes to Little Miss Magic's house and tells Little Miss Magic what the witch is going to do to her tomorrow morning. So Little Miss Magic thinks up a plan. The next morning, Little Miss Sunshine gets turned into a dog, but a fast-thinking Little Miss Magic turns the witch into a cat. Then the Little Miss Sunshine dog scares away the witch cat. Then Little Miss Magic turns the dog back into Little Miss Sunshine. She also turns the bat, frog, and mouse back into Little Miss Bossy, Mr Rude, and Little Miss Dotty/Ditzy. In the end, the reader is surprised that Little Miss Dotty/Ditzy hasn't gotten over the side effects of her mouse form just yet.

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