Little Miss Trouble and the Magic Paint is the 46th episode of the third season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 4 September, 1997.


Little Miss Trouble made trouble the whole day. For example, she pretended to be Little Miss Shy (inviting Mr. Noisy for lunch), cover Mr. Small's house with a box, sent expensive chairs to Mr. Mean (forcing him to pay them) and blew a paper bag and pop it in a shop, making people in the shop run away.

Then Mr. Clever and the other Mr. Men met at the hall for a plan. Their plan was to tell Miss Trouble she was blue and make run to the paint store where the shop owner gave her bag to turn her back to her original colour but it didn't. It made her blue.



  • This is the first T.V. appearance and speaking role of Little Miss Brilliant.
  • At the end Mr Small was light purple instead of red.