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Meet the Mr. Men

  • Mr. Tickle is orange and round, and loves to tickle people.(That´s why he´s called that way)
  • Mr. Greedy is pink and fat, and loves to eat food.
  • Mr. Happy is yellow, and loves to make people happy.
  • Mr. Nosey is green, and pokes his long nose into everything.
  • Mr. Sneeze is blue and spiky, and couldn't stop sneezing.
  • Mr. Bump is blue with bandages, and couldn't stop having accidents.
  • Mr. Snow is a snowman who helps Father Christmas.
  • Mr. Messy is a pink scribble, and is absolutely filthy.
  • Mr. Topsy-Turvy is orange, and makes things backwards.
  • Mr. Silly is light brown and round, and makes everything odd and silly.
  • Mr. Uppity is brown, and is being snobbish to everyone.
  • Mr. Small is red (orange in the show) and tiny, and is cannot be seen often.
  • Mr. Daydream is a blue cloud that gets into people's imaginations.
  • Mr. Forgetful is blue and has a very short memory.
  • Mr. Jelly is fuchsia (purple in the show) and is afraid of everything.
  • Mr. Noisy is red and can't be quiet.
  • Mr. Lazy is pink (green in the show) and always sleeping.
  • Mr. Funny is light green and loves to make jokes.
  • Mr. Mean is blue and refuses to spend his money.
  • Mr. Chatterbox is pink and always talks on and on.
  • Mr. Fussy is green, and is touchy about everything.
  • Mr. Bounce is yellow and can't stop bouncing around.
  • Mr. Muddle is green and jumbles everything around.
  • Mr. Dizzy is light brown and isn't very clever.
  • Mr. Impossible is purple, and can do amazing things.
  • Mr. Strong is red and square (triangular in the show), and is very strong.
  • Mr. Grumpy is blue and rectangle, and is always very grouchy.
  • Mr. Clumsy is green, and can't control himself.
  • Mr. Quiet is light brown (powder blue in the show), and can't stand loud noises.
  • Mr. Rush is purple and triangular, and is always in a hurry.
  • Mr. Tall is blue with long legs.
  • Mr. Worry is blue, and always meets failures.
  • Mr. Nonsense is yellow, and is a friend of Mr. Silly.
  • Mr. Wrong is red, and does everything the wrong way.
  • Mr. Skinny is yellow, and is very thin.
  • Mr. Mischief is yellow, and plays pranks on people.
  • Mr. Clever is orange, and is very creative.
  • Mr. Busy is blue, and can't stop rushing things.
  • Mr. Slow is olive, and takes a long time to do everything.
  • Mr. Brave is yellow, and is very couragous.
  • Mr. Grumble is purple and always complaining about everything.
  • Mr. Perfect is blue, and nothing bad has happened to him.
  • Mr. Cheeful is orange, and is very joyful.
  • Mr. Cool is blue and triangular, and loves to take people on an adventure.
  • Mr. Rude is red, and is very rude indeed!
  • Mr. Good is white, and is very pleasant.
  • Mr. Nobody is, well, nobody.

Meet the Little Misses

  • Little Miss Bossy is blue, and is very bossy.
  • Little Miss Naughty is purple, and loves to play jokes on people.
  • Little Miss Neat is green, and loves to keep everything in a right order.
  • Little Miss Sunshine is yellow, and is very sweet and kind.
  • Little Miss Tiny is pink and very little.
  • Little Miss Trouble is yellow and loves to frame people.
  • Little Miss Helpful is fuchsia, and is very helpful, but ends up making everything worse.
  • Little Miss Magic is light brown, and does magic tricks.
  • Little Miss Shy is blue, and always blushes.
  • Little Miss Splendid is chartreuse, and is very vain.
  • Little Miss Late is yellow-orange, and can't get things on time.
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain is red, and is very forgetful.
  • Little Miss Greedy is orange, and has the same appetite as her cousin.
  • Little Miss Giggles is blue, and loves to giggle.
  • Little Miss Twins are yellow, and come in a pair.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox is pink, and talks like her brother.
  • Little Miss Dotty is brown, and is very wacky.
  • Little Miss Lucky is pink, and is very lucky.
  • Little Miss Star is blue, and wants to be famous.
  • Little Miss Fickle is red-orange, and cannot decide on everything.
  • Little Miss Contrary is orange, and does everything the opposite.
  • Little Miss Busy is yellow, and cannot stop doing work.
  • Little Miss Quick is pink, and is always in a hurry.
  • Little Miss Wise is pink, and is very wiseful.
  • Little Miss Tidy is yellow, and loves to clean up things.
  • Little Miss Brainy is blue, and has the brains.
  • Little Miss Stubborn is purple, and is very stubborn.
  • Little Miss Curious is orange, and loves to know about everything.
  • Little Miss Fun is orange, and loves to throw parties.
  • Little Miss Somersault is blue, and is acrobatic.
  • Little Miss Scary is red, and loves to frighten people.
  • Little Miss Bad is pink, and plays pranks on people.
  • Little Miss Whoops is blue with bandages, and is a sister of Mr. Bump.
  • Little Miss Princess is pink, and rules her kingdom fairly.

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