Mr. Bump Has An Accident is an episode of Mr. Men and Little Misses.


Mr. Bump is known for bumping into things, until one morning he worried about having an accident. After crashing into his book shelf, he decides to talk to the cleveriest person, Mr. Clever for the solution. At Mr. Clever's house, he and Mr. Sneeze are watching Mr. Tickle making a house made of cards, after previously making one for Little Miss Shy, Mr. Uppity, and Mr. Funny. Mr. Clever tried to prevent Mr. Sneeze from sneezing so he won't knock down the cards, but it tumbled down thanks to Mr. Bump.

Mr. Bump apologized to Mr. Tickle about what happened and thinks he should live in the forest, but Mr. Tickle thinks that's no good for Mr. Bump. Up the hill, Little Miss Dotty was about to unload her shopping trolley, until it started rolling down! Mr. Silly and Mr. Tickle tried to stop it, but to no avail. Mr. Bump does stop the runaway trolley, and Little Miss Dotty thanks Mr. Bump and tells him it's good they have someone like him around.


Mr. Bump

Mr. Tickle

Mr. Clever

Mr. Sneeze

Little Miss Shy (cameo)

Mr. Uppity (cameo)

Mr. Funny (cameo)

Little Miss Dotty

Mr. Silly

Fun Facts


  • This episode marks Mr. Sneeze's only speaking role in the 1995 series.


  • Unless Mr. Tickle was referring to the other card on the top, the one shown on the viewers right is a "3", and not an Ace of Spades.


  • Mr. Funny and Little Miss Shy have genderswapped voices.
  • At the end, Mr. Silly lost his shoes.

Fast Forward

  • The concept of Mr. Bump getting into serious accidents would become the concept for The Mr. Men Show.

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