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Mr. Cheeky was very cheeky. In 2001, the Daily Mirror hosted a "Make your own Mr Men character. 8 year old Gemma Almond won, so one of the shops sold it. You can now get it at shops like eBay or Amazon. Mr Cheeky ate Mr. Greedy's breakfast, broke Mr. Small's house, ripped Mr. Muddle's hat, poked Mr. Nosey's nose and painted over Little Miss Neat's glasses. Then, one day, Little Miss Bossy came to Mr. Cheeky's house and made him follow her orders. Now, Mr. Cheeky is very polite.
200px-Mr Cheeky

Mr Cheeky

International Translations

This is a list of titles being published internationally.

  • Monsier Noonien (French)

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