Mr. Clever and Mr. Small seem to be fairly good friends, however, there are some instances where Mr. Clever feels upset with Mr. Small.

Mr. Clever And Mr. Small's Friendship

Mr. Clever Flies His Kite — Mr. Clever is concerned when Miss Tiny and Mr. Small float away. And later Mr. Small, Miss Bossy, Miss Neat, Miss Naughty, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Mean, Mr. Tall, Miss Tiny, and Mr. Greedy are considered Mr. Clever's friends.

Mr. Small And Mr. Clever In Conflict

Mr. Clever — Mr. Clever doesn't know how to teach Mr. Small to grow big.

Little Miss Trouble — Mr. Clever and Mr. Uppity give Mr. Small two black eyes and Mr. Clever Mr. Worry, and Mr. Uppity threaten to attack Mr. Small.

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