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Mr. Crosspatch/Monsieur Bagarreur is a Mr. Men released in France.


Mr. Crosspatch/Monsieur Bagarreur is a violent and aggresive sociopath. He always wants to get into a fight with anyone or anything. Mr. Crosspatch/Monsieur Bagarreur is as strong as Mr. Strong, but is less friendly. His house is fallen apart because he runs into it like a bull. On a walk, he talks to four daisies about his unimportant urge to fight. Later, he runs into a chestnut-selling worm. The worm asks him what chestnuts he would like, but Mr. Crosspatch says to the worm: "one more word out of you, and I'll twist your neck." He nearly fights with the worm, only to find that it already went back into its hole. Later on, he meets Mr. Strong carrying a basket of eggs. Mr. Crosspatch tries to be nice and asks Mr. Strong if he needs help carrying the basket, but Mr. Strong replies with: "That's very kind of you, but I am afraid which you are not enough." This makes Mr. Crosspatch angry, and he charges at Mr. Strong, only to get terribly hurt. Little Miss Careful tries to pick him up, but Mr. Crosspatch refuses. The book tricks the reader into thinking that Mr. Crosspatch is going to charge at Miss Careful, but Mr. Crosspatch charges at the tree because of the fact that a Mr. Men cannot fight with the Little Misses. Wilfred Wizard falls out of the tree and gave Mr. Crosspatch a council. Not too long later, Mr. Dizzy comes with a green ball, but being the dizzy fellow he is, he thinks that it is blue. Mr. Crosspatch and Mr. Dizzy argue about what color the ball is. Mr. Crosspatch remembers Wilfred Wizard's councils, so he stands in front of the ball, performs the councils, and gives the ball a very hard kick.

International publications & translations

Mr. Crosspatch appears under the titles

  • Monsieur Bagarreur (French)
  • Ο κύριος Καβγατζής (Greek)

List of characters

Title character other appearances

Mr. Men and Little Miss

Mr. Crosspatch

Note: This character has not spoken. Therefore, he does not have any lines.

  • Little Miss Trouble and the Magic Paint (blue)
  • Mr. Noisy, the Music Man
  • Mr. Chatterbox and the Parrot (blue)

About Him

  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Scarlet
  • Relatives: None
  • Job: Being aggresive, violent, bullying and wanting to get into a fight.
  • Release date: 1992


  • Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat, both are brutal),
  • Ryu (Street Fighter, both are looking for a fight),
  • Akuma (Street Fighter, both are mean-spirited),
  • Balrog (Street Fighter, both are mean and aggressive),
  • Roy Koopa (Super Mario Bros. 3, both are mean),
  • Miss Trunchbull (Matilda/Roald Dahl, Both are aggressive),
  • Loomer (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, both are bullies),
  • Buford (Phineas and Ferb, both are bullies),
  • Duncan (Total Drama, both are brutal),
  • Megatron (Transformers, both are brutal),
  • Bluto (Popeye the Sailor Man, both are aggressive),
  • Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons, both are bullies and mean),
  • Rum Baa Baa (Henry's Cat, both are brutal),
  • Cabot (Theodore Tugboat, both are rough),
  • Rabbit (Skunk Fu!, both are aggressive),
  • Pat Mustard (Father Ted, both fought everyone),
  • Jack Hackett (Father Ted, both are aggressive),
  • Jin Kazama (Tekken, both fought everyone),
  • Bowser (Super Mario Bros. both are cruel and strong),
  • Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda, both are deadly),
  • No Heart (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, both fought everyone),
  • Bill Sykes (Oliver and Company, both are brutal),
  • The Hooded Claw (Perils of Penelope Pitstop, both are brutal and aggressive),
  • Willie MacFuzz (The Family Ness, both are bullies),
  • Atka (Brother Bear 2, both are bullies),
  • Flippy (Happy Tree Friends, both are the most violent and aggressive people who love to get in a fight),
  • Tsu'tey (James Cameron's Avatar, both are aggressive),
  • Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid, both get angry so easily),
  • Stephen Quire (The Greatest Freakout Ever, both get angry over nothing),
  • Angry Video Game Nerd (Angry Video Game Nerd, both easily get furious over something),
  • Phil and Grant Mitchell (Eastenders, all are aggressive and tough),
  • Mr. Pickles (Happy Tree Friends, both are violent),
  • Bully (The Animals of Farthing Wood, both are bullies and aggressive),
  • Texas Pete (SuperTed, both are easily angered),
  • Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls, both are tough, strong and aggressive),
  • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Star Wars, both get angry over nothing),
  • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons, both get angry easily),
  • Diesel 10 (The Railway Series, both are aggressive, tough, strong and bullies),
  • Wreck-it Ralph (Namesake film, both are angry and wreck buildings),
  • Cody Travers (Final Fight, both always look for a fight),
  • The Toad (Flushed Away) both are angry and violent),
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter II, both wear red and are mean-spirited),
  • Kazuya Mishima (Tekken, both are cruel),
  • Hulk (The Incredible Hulk, both are easily provoked),
  • Balto (Namesake series, both get angry so easily),
  • Rocky the Lebanese Rambo and his cousins (Fat Pizza, all are tough, strong, angry easily, violent and had a riot),
  • Roger Klotz (Doug, both are bullies and mean),
  • Pauly Falzoni (Fat Pizza, both are punchers and knows about boxing, Pauly calls anyone 'Stooges'),
  • Cronulla Beach Lifesavers (Fat Pizza episode, "Beach Pizza", both get in the riot),
  • The Bikie Gangs (Fat Pizza, both gets in the fight),
  • Vietnam and Belarus (Hetalia, all 3 both are fighters and violent),
  • Guile (Street Fighter, both are tough),
  • Brer Fox (Song of the South, both are red and are bad tempered),
  • Yao (Mulan, both anger easily),
  • Donald Duck (Disney, both are easily angered).
  • The Red Guy (Cow and Chicken), both are red and are easily angered
  • King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country, both are easily angered)
  • Bald Bull and Aran Ryan (Punch Out, all three have ferocious tempers)
  • Anger (Inside Out, both are red and easily angered)
  • Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street, both are easily angered)
  • Strong Bad (Homestar Runner, both are red and easily angered)
  • Grumpy Bear (Care Bears, both are easily angered)
  • Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder, both are brutal)
  • Siesmo (Mixels) both are brutal
  • Nightmare Foxy (FNAF 4) Both are red and easily angered
  • Vinnie (Thomas and Friends, both are rough and tough)
  • Sam the Eagle (The Muppets, both are easily angered)
  • Flower (Battle for Dream Island, both are easily angered)
  • Lighter (Object Overload, both are evil)
  • Gun (Object Mayhem, both are easily angered)
  • John Ryan (The Angriest Guitar Player in the World, both are always frustrated and angry)


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