Mr. Forgetful is the fourteenth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.


Mr. forgetful

Mr. Forgetful front cover

Mr. Forgetful has a short memory. One day he has to remember a message for Farmer Fields to say that there's a sheep loose in the lane. Can he remember the message? Sadly, no. Instead, he says, "There's a goose asleep in the rain."

International publications & translations

This is a list of alternate titles for this book being published internationally.

  • Monsieur Étourdi (French)
  • Don Memorion (Spanish)
  • Unser Herr Vergesslich (German)
  • Meneer Vergeetal (Dutch)
  • 健忘先生 (Taiwan)
  • 잊어씨 (Korean)
  • Ο Κύριος Ξεχασιάρης (Greek)
  • Bay Unutkan (Turkish)
  • Fætter Glemsom (Danish)
  • מר שכיחא (Hebrew)
  • Senhor Esquecido (Portuguese)
  • わすれんぼうくん (Japanese)
  • Herr Glemsk (Second Danish release)

List of characters

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.

  • The Policeman
  • Mrs. Parcel
  • Farmer Fields
  • The Sheep

Pictures only


  • Blueberry Muffin (Strawberry Shortcake, both are blue and forget alot)
  • Fifi Forget Me Not (Fifi and the Flowertots, both forget)
  • Bowser Jr. (Nintendo, both do random stuff and mistake the Princess and sheep as momma and a goose)
  • Dr. Zitbag (Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop, both are stupid)
  • Tara and Tamara (Pinky and Perky, all three get people's names wrong)
  • Homestar Runner (Homestar Runner, they both have the same colors excluding white, and they both forget alot)
  • Granny Smith (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, both are forgetful)
  • Forgetful Fiona (Little Monsters, both are forgetful and are blue)
  • Brain (Top Cat, both lack intelligence)
  • Donald Duck (Disney, both are blue and forgetful)
  • Leni Loud (The Loud House, both lack intelligence and are blue)
  • Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants, both are forgetful)
  • Quick Draw McGraw (Hanna-Barbera, both lack intelligence and wear red hats)
  • Sidney (The Railway Series, both are blue and forgetful)
  • Dory (Finding Nemo, both are blue and forgetful)
  • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons, both are forgetful, say "D'oh!", and have blue)
  • Gir (Invader Zim, both have blue and lack intelligence),
  • Pauly Falzoni (Fat Pizza, both are forgetful sometimes)
  • Forgetful Jones (Sesame Street, both lack intelligence)
  • Ed (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, both lack intelligence)
  • Geppetto (Pinocchio, both are absent-minded)
  • Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove, Disney, both lack intelligence)
  • Trumpet and Woof (Timbuctoo, all three are forgetful and wear hats)
  • Billy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, both lack intelligence)
  • Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy, both lack intelligence)
  • Little Bah Peep (Lalaloopsy, both are forgetful)
  • Grover (Sesame Street, both are blue and forgetful)
  • Winnie the Pooh (Namesake series, both are forgetful)


  • In the US version of Mr. Men and Little Miss, he sounds like Old Man Jenkins from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • In Mr. Forgetful...hey waiter, he called Little Miss Wise Little Miss Dotty and Little Miss Giggles by mistake.
  • He doesn't even know his name.
  • He hasn't cried yet, so it is unknown if he does though.
  • He has made an appearance on Cartoon Network's "MAD" parody, "Cowboys & Alien Force". His body looks the same, but, resembles Mr. Impossible. He was shown talking to Jake about forgetting the title before Jon Favreau snatched him.
  • In Bingo No, his hat was shown twisting around the world. Geography!
  • In the intro of his 1975 cartoon, his hat is yellow instead of red.
  • He made an appearance in a Biotene commercial.

Title character other appearances

This is a list of Mr. Men, Little Miss and other special characters that appear in this book.


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