Mr. Fussy is very annoyed by Mr. Messy's unclenliness.

Mr. Messy Upsetting Mr. Fussy

Mr. Fussy Takes a Well Earned Break— Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy are on vacation together for a whole month.

Movies- Mr. Messy's Antics get Mr. Fussy removed from the Movie Theatre.

Mall— Mr. Messy shows Mr. Fussy disgusting cheese.

Trains- Mr. Messy got Mr. Fussy squished by Mr. Rude's instant sponges and he didn't help.

Heatwave— Mr. Messy ruins Mr. Fussy's car.

Paint- Mr. Messy's purple paint ruins the inside of Mr. Fussy's home but he makes it white again.

Cinema— Mr. Messy lures other Mr. Men into Mr. Fussy's car.

Sightseeing- Mr. messy ends up on the Same Bus as Mr. Fussy and gives him a hard time.

Airport- Mr. Messy made Mr. Fussy miss his plane and got him removed from the Airport.

Hotel— Mr. Messy and Mr. Bounce end up in the same room with Mr. Fussy.

Mr. Fussy Upsetting Mr. Messy

Machines— Mr. Fussy gives Mr. Messy a clean-up machine.

Collecting- Mr. Fussy and his vaccuum cleaner suck up Mr. Messy's shoes and his collection.

Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy Getting Along

Birds— Mr. Messy refuses to leave Mr. Fussy behind.

Parties— Mr. Fussy thought it would be rude to reject Mr. Messy's invitation.

Gifts- Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy share a birthday.

Toys- Mr. Fussy invited him along with Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle to play Pass the Ticking Tomato.

The Dark - Mr. Pernickety invites Mr. Messy to watch a movie because he perfers company rather than watching scary things alone.

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