Mr Jelly was hiding the bed Little Miss Lucky was say Hello to Mr Jelly. Mr Jelly was hiding the table to wait past lunchtime and Mr Jelly was very worried cause Little Miss Lucky had got lost. Mr Jelly went outside. Mr Jelly was hide the tree and jumping Walter the worm is out Mr Jelly screams. Mr Jelly is give them a call to Mr Rush. Whilst Mr Jelly was talking Mr Rush, Mr Rush rushed outside and ring the doorbell. Mr Jelly talk to Mr Rush And So Mr Jelly felt somewhere else is has to be done. Mr Jelly talks to Little Miss Contrary Mr Jelly talks to Little Miss Contrary Little Miss Contrary open the wardrobe Mr Jelly talks to Little Miss Contrary. Mr Jelly sits on the armchair. Mr Jelly was talking to Mr Bounce. Mr Bounce high up and down. Halo Mr Bounce where i you going. Mr Bounce was up and down the trees .wind is out on a leaves and Mr Jelly was hiding on a table again Poor Mr Jelly he's terrified "I can't leave Little Miss Lucky all alone in a middle of the storm". Mr Jelly went outside hide the tree and jumped Mr Jelly is fainted and lying on a grass Little Miss Lucky came Mr Jelly's home. Little Miss Lucky and Mr Jelly sits down and eat her cake. Mr Bounce came home and splat her cake Little Miss Lucky and Mr Jelly laughed.

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