Mr. Men Show 1997 title card

The 1997 version of the Mr. Men show aired in North America on UPN Kids in September 8th 1997. It was the same show as the UK version but dubbed with North American accents. This particular dub is of Canadian origin.


Who's acting clever? Who's happy who's strong? Naughty meets Scatterbrain, or just plain wrong. What a crazy cool commotion! Mr. Men and Little Miss! Oh yeah!

Well, who's really funny? Who's greedy who's small? Who's always in trouble? Who's bouncy who's tall? Well there's never been a group like this! Mr. Men and Little Miss! Oh yeah!

Well they're bumpy and bossy, they'll tickle you too! They're dizzy and forgetful just like me and you. They've got every kind of face, every kind of mood. Sometimes so splendid and sometimes just rude!

Well who's always nosey, who's full of sunhine? Who's such a chatterbox that drives you out of your mind? Well there's never been a group like this. Yeah, there's never been a group of friends quite like this, so hold on to your hats... For Mr. Men and Little Miss! Oh yeah!

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