Mr. Miserable is a yellow and sad Mr. Man. He eventually learns to smile a while after setting foot into Happyland. Some people claim he made a cameo in a thermometer in the Mr. Men episode, Sneezes and Hiccups.
Mr. Miserable

Mr. Miserable.


  • In the 1975 cartoon, he and Mr. Happy both bumped into each other while laughing and became one and then split apart.
  • He is possibly a relative of Mr. Nobody


  • Turner (Handy Manny, both are miserable),
  • Strong Sad (Homestar Runner, both used to be sad and miserable)
  • Weeper (A Snow White Christmas, both are sad and miserable)
  • Boomer (TUGS, both were sad and miserable when they were first discovered)
  • Mr. Nobody (his own series both were sad and miserable when they were first discovered by Mr Happy)
  • Octo (Almost naked animals both are rounded, sad, and miserable)
  • Neville (from Thomas & Friends, both are left out)
  • Ezekiel (Total Drama World Tour both are all alone)
  • Gordon (Thomas & Friends, both are miserable when in trouble)
  • Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh, both are gloomy and miserable)
  • Thomas Molison (The Black Balloon, both were left out)
  • Horton the Elephant (Dr. Seuss, both are miserable sometimes)
  • Mutsumi Saburo (Sgt Frog, both are usually alone)
  • Cubone (Pokemon, both are sad and miserable)
  • Sad Sack (The Raggy Dolls, both are gloomy)
  • Grizzle (Timbuctoo, both are miserable)
  • Zor (The Deadly Six, Sonic Lost World, both are miserable)
  • Sadness (Inside Out, both are down in the dumps)
  • Godfrey the Horse (Fourways Farm, both are miserable)
  • Crimson and Ennui (The Ridonculuos Race, all three are gloomy)
  • Mr. Milko (Noddy's Toyland Adventures. Both are gloomy)
  • Lucy Loud (The Loud House, both are gloomy)
  • Dwayne (The Nutshack, both are miserable and alone)
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