When Little Miss Scatterbrain asks Mr. Muddle to go fishing with her, you can imagine the outcome! Mr. Muddle goes skating with Little Miss Splendid and Little Miss Scatterbrain brought Mr. Wrong with her.


  • Mr. Muddle
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain
  • Walter the Worm (cameo)
  • Mrs. Crumb (cameo)
  • Mr. Gill (cameo)
  • The Bus Driver
  • Little Miss Chatterbox (cameo)
  • Mr. Nonsense (cameo)
  • Little Miss Naughty (cameo)
  • Mr. Uppity (cameo)
  • Mr. Noisy (cameo)
  • Little Miss Splendid
  • Mr. Grumpy (cameo)
  • Mr. Strong (cameo)
  • Little Miss Wise (cameo)
  • Mr. Happy (cameo)
  • Mr. Silly (cameo)
  • Mr. Wrong
  • Mr Rush (cameo)
  • The Mayor

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