Mr. Nosey Solves a Mystery is the 5th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on February 12, 1996.


Mr. Nosey loves poking his nose into everything and when he reads in the paper that Mr. Worry is looking for a detective to clear up the mystery of his disappearing apples, he rushes round to see him.

Thanks to his flair, the mystery is soon solved: the guilty culprit is Little Miss Trouble, who has stolen the apples and stuffed them with mustard as a prank on Mr. Greedy! Which goes to show that being nosey has its good points!


Mr Worry, childhood photo


  • Mr. Funny and Mr. Daydream appear in the childhood picture showing Little Miss Trouble and Mr. Nosey. An unidentified Mr. character is in the picture, though it could be Mr. Small without a hat.


  • When Mr. Nosey first pokes his nose down Little Miss Trouble's chimney, Little Miss Trouble's nose is yellow. This error also happened in Little Miss Tidy Loses a Friend.

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