Mr. Rude and Mr. Scatterbrain are the only characters to sound the same in both US and UK versions. There are some line differences though.

Mr. Rude's Line Differences

  • Says Mr. Pernickety in the UK (Restaurants, Music, Sleep).
  • Said Butter Beans in the UK version of Canned Goods and said Garbanzo Beans in the US.
  • Said "Stupid" instead of "Dumb" in UK (Books).

Mr. Scatterbrain's Line Differences

  • Says Mr. Persnickety in the UK (Lake, Beach, Bugs).
  • Says Sweet Corn in the UK Rather than Creamed Corn but still said Flashlight (Jobs).
  • Said Pyjamas in UK and Suspender in US. He also says Pizza Hotdogs not Pizza Dogs (Night).
  • Said "Rice and Beans" in the US and "Bangers and Mash" in the UK (Resutraunt).

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