Mr. Skinny is up the Spout is the 32nd episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on March 31st, 1997.


Mr. Skinny is about to have a bath, as he gets ready to go to the village party. Afterwards, he pulls the plug out and by misfortune, finds himself sucked down the drain along with the water. He ends up in the sewer, where he meets Mr. Messy, who advises him to trace one of the countless pipes back to his house.

But the first one leads to Mr. Grumble's house, the next to Mr. Worry's. And so, he finds himself back in the sewer again, but thanks to Mr. Messy, who shows him which pipe leads to the village square, Mr. Skinny's surprise appearance makes him the star of the party!



  • It is never stated how Mr. Messy got into the sewers.

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