Mr. Tickle Saves the Day is a Mr. Men and Little Miss episode.


Mr. Tickle was sad because nobody wanted to play with him. He is sitting on a couch. It was because he was tickling everyone and couldn't stop. He tried to find anyone to tickle, but shuttered their doors. Later Mr. Small was getting a girl's ball out of a tree. He managed to get the ball down, but he got stuck in the ball's place. Mr. Bounce tried to bounce up and get him. Little Miss Magic put candy on the tree. (Which didn't help him down.) Mr. Strong tried to shake the tree. But it really made the candy fall. Then they turned to Mr. Tickle. Little Miss Sunshine went to his house and told him about it. Mr. Tickle reached him long arm out and got Mr. Small down from the tree, which made Mr. Tickle very happy. But what made him really happy was the other Mr. Men and Little Miss characters let Mr. Tickle tickle them.



  • Mr. Tickle's sad scene was also seen in Little Miss Sunshine Brings a Smile.
  • The scene where people shut shops was also in Mr. Chatterbox Loses His Voice.
  • Mr. Tickle ticked people and they don't like it on the first episode.