Mr Uppity's Party is a song which was featured on a couple of CDs including The Best Mr. Men Album in the World...Ever! and Mr. Birthday and Friends.



  • There was Muddle and Lazy
  • Who danced themselves crazy
  • And Messy and Sneeze
  • In a heap on the floor

  • There was Nonsense
  • And Fussy and Dizzy
  • And Worry and Clever
  • And Snow and an awful lot more

  • (Chorus)
  • Welcome to the party
  • It's party time tonight
  • Welcome to the party
  • Till the morning light

  • There was Slow in the kitchen
  • But Mischief was missing
  • He'd snuck up on Jelly
  • And gave him a fright

  • Mr. Greedy ate cake
  • Till his big belly ached
  • And Tickle made Mean
  • Shout and holler with glee

  • Welcome to the party (x2)


  • The verses sung by the female adult feature a total of sixteen Mr. Men (which is the same number of annual books released in the franchise to date).

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