Out To Sea is a season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Quiet, Miss Scary and Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Grumpy goes out tuna fishing with Mr. Quiet and Miss Scary. Miss Scary wants to get Sea Monsters. Mr. Grumpy then fishes one out.
  • Miss Sunshine's Plot (ONLY INNTHE US VERSION!): Little Miss Sunshine does a commercial for Little Miss Sunshine's Do-It-Yourself Mermaid Kit.
  • Mr. Happy's Plot: Mr. Happy and Mr. Lazy go under sea on Miss Daredevil's Sub with Mr. Lazy filming and Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Stubborn to find the Good Ship Stubborn that sank in Ships. Mr. Stubborn refuses to admit that his ship sank and says that it didn't. He accidently smashes the Sub and Mr. Happy and the others had to retreat to the Surface and Mr. Stubborn refused to believe that the Sub was sinking. Mr. Happy says that they will go to find Miss Daredevil's Sunken Sub next year. Also see S.S. Stubborn
  • Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small's Plot: Mr. Lazy, Mr. Rude Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small have been stranded on an island for a month. Miss Helpful and Miss Whoops row to the island to save them. Mr. Rude lies in the boat and the tide pushes it away and Mr. Rude didn't have the oars leaving the others on the island.


One of the characters try to get a treasure chest from underwater by using a submarine.

  • Mr. Nervous tries to get it, but was startled when a serpent popped out from Mr. Nervous waking it up, and places the chest back on top of its head.
  • Mr. Fussy dusts out the chest, and successfully gets it.
  • Miss Whoops gets the chest, but slips off of the claw and hits Mr. Bump, who was scuba diving.

Fun Facts


  • The episodes points out the events of Ships when Mr. Stubborn's ship sank. However, it is unclear if it is the exact event or not for a few reasons:
    • Miss Chatterbox mentions that she was with Mr. Stubborn when the ship sank.
    • The ship that sank is much smaller than the one in Ships, and it's unknown if it's the same ship or not.
    • They never stated if Mr. Stubborn crashed into an iceberg, which happened in that episode.
  • There were going to be some creatures called Scrambles in this episode and then the creators didn't want them.

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