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Parties is a season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Fussy's Plot: Miss Naughty takes Mr. Fussy to his neigbours house for a party. No one else other than Mr. Lazy was there.
  • Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Grumpy ads for his party protector. (Not in UK)
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot: Mr. Nervous makes a pizza delivery to Mr. Tickle's Fancy Dress Party.
  • Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Bump goes to Miss Whoops' party and sees her ice statues and has a hard time there even when bounced all the way to the moon.



Miss Whoops is blowing up balloons.

  1. She floats away because the Balloon's too big.
  2. She accidently inflates Mr. Bump.
  3. Miss Magic makes many balloons pop out.

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