Party Time With Mr Men

Party Time With The Mr. Men is a live stage recording album from The Mr. Men Musical in 1985.

Track List

Side 1

A1 Here Come The Mr. Men

A2 Doctor Trotter's Travelling Zoo

A3 Muck Spreadin'

A4 Walter's Song

A5 Mr. Forgetful

A6 I Hate Everybody

A7 Mr. Men Party

A8 Mr. Bump Bump

A9 Mr. Chatterbox

A10 Mr. Men Rag

A11 When You're Shy

A12 Happy

Side 2

B1 Here Come The Mr. Men (reprise)

B2 Home For Christmas

B3 Happy (reprise)

B4 Brains

B5 The Way You Are

B6 Little Miss Splendid

B7 I Wonder What's Going On

B8 Food Song

B9 Mr. Men Hoedown

B10 Thank You For Everything!