Pirates is a series/season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Fussy, Miss Sunshine, Mr Messy, Mr Nervous and Miss Bossy's Plot: Mr. Fussy takes Mr. Messy, Mr. Nervous and Miss Sunshine out to to go Miss Bossy's sailing lessons but it turns out to really be a Pirate Lessons.

Mr. Nervous' Plot: Mr. Nervous does an ad for his Pirate Be Gone. (US only)

Miss Scary, Mr Grumpy, Mr Quiet and Miss Chatterboxes' Plot: Miss Scary has her Pirate Restaurant with Mr. Grumpy, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Quiet as the Cutsomers.

Mr. Happy, Mr. Rude and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Happy, Mr. Rude and Mr. Tickle are protecting the Dillydale Space Base from Alien Space Pirates.


  • Miss Naughty appeared as a pirate for the second time.The first time was in Boats.
  • Mr. Lazy's eyes show up in the US version of this episode.


  • The mouthflaps for "lessons" don't match for "class" in the UK dub.
  • Mr. Grumpy falls into the pool in a booby trap. After Miss Chatterbox says "I love this dance..." the booby trap is gone.


Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small dig for treasure.

  1. Mr. Nosy buries Mr. Small alive.
  2. Mr. Nosy digs and appears the other side of Mr. Small.
  3. They finally find the chest.

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