Mr. Bump's plot: Mr. Tickle tickles Mr. Bump into the package machine and he gets quashed into a package shape, he gets sent to Mr. Stubborn who sends him back to the post office.

Miss Scary's Plot: Miss Scary ads for her stamps of fear. (Not in UK)

Mr. Messy and Miss Bossy's plot: Miss Bossy hijacks Mr. Messy's show Shazam That's Good! so that Mr. Messy can sing a junk mail song.

Mr. Grumpy's plot: Mr. Grumpy is trying to get his package from Mr. Rude and has a hard time with him. Mr. Scatterbrain the store manager gives him an ostrich and says to come back the next day.


  • According to a production screen, this episode was originally going to be called "Mail".
  • It's revealed that the mayor of Dillydale is Mr. Scatterbrain.

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