Mr. metal

Mr. Metal, the guest of the episode.

Robots is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show, Mr. Metal guests in this episode.


  • Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Miss Chatterbox gives Mr. Grumpy a robot version of him. It brings Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Nervous into his house when he asks for stuff. Then it brings Mr. Noisy, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine into his house.
  • Miss Scary's Plot: Miss Scary and Miss Whoops make a robot but Miss Whoops breaks the computer brain and uses a toaster making the robot zap bread.
  • Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine's Plot: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine introduce Mr. Metal on Good Morning Dillydale. He said that he wants to be a host of the show to but Mr. Happy says that the jobs been taken. He shrinks Mr. Happy then Miss Sunshine with his shrinking ray. It was revealed that Miss Naughty build him and she wanted to take over the show. Then she shrinks as well.


Mr Grumpy about to shed a tear

Mr. Grumpy about to shed a tear.

This episode along with Bath & Bubbles is the only Season 2 episode to have Good Morning Dillydale.

Miss Scary may have had a punished in the end of Little Miss Whoops' plot

In the Mr. Messy dance scene, there were two sound effects from Super Mario World, the midway point sound, and the left/right camera scroll sound.

Mr. Grumpy almost cried in this episode.

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