In The Mr. Men Show, most of the characters have broken many rules.

The Mr. Men Show

Mr. Strong destroyed the ship with a bottle in Ships.

Little Miss Naughty changed the covers on the library books in Library.

Mr. Funny destroys many things with a cleaning machine in Machines.

Mr. Grumpy broke the phone that Little Miss Helpful gave to him in Telephones.

Mr. Stubborn broke Little Miss Sunshine's mirror when he became a werewolf in Night.

Little Miss Scary scares everybody in all her appearances.

Mr. Metal shrank Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine & Little Miss Naughty in Robots.

Mr. Rude farts in almost all of his appearances.

Mr. Scatterbrain threw the banana peel and Mr. Bump slipped on it in Food.

Mr. Scatterbrain & Little Miss Whoops ruined Mr. Grumpy's garden in Gardens.

Mr. Lazy ate some cupcakes when they were supposed to be packaged in Jobs.

Mr. Messy showed Little Miss Chatterbox his stinky foot in Books.

Little Miss Whoops accidentally squashed Mr. Bump with a chest that her machine dropped in Out To Sea.

Mr. Strong & Mr. Bounce break Little Miss Calamity's collection of extremely breakable glass animals in Collecting.

Mr. Bounce played his tuba too loud in Music.

Mr. Noisy accidentally trapped five of the characters underground in Construction.

Mr. Scatterbrain drove Mr. Bump home too fast in Cars.

Mr. Stubborn sneezed his whole office down in Sneezes & Hiccups.

Mr. Stubborn threw the bowling ball in Games and thus Braking the bowling alley.

Mr. Stubborn is trying to open the soda can with one hand in Food.

Mr. Rude threw his headphones away in Books.

Little Miss Magic turned Mr. Rude into a bean burger in Parks.

Mr. Rude smacked his lips while chewing in Restaurants.

Mr. Tickle tickles people in all his appearances.

Mr. Rude farted in Little Miss Calamity's car in Car Wash.

Mr. Rude burped when he covered Mr. Strong's mouth to stop him joining in during Sneezes & Hiccups.

Mr. Rude parks his car in front of Little Miss Bossy's house in Next Door.

Mr. Messy rubs a pizza on his window in Chores.

Mr. Messy, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy, and Mr. Quiet sneak into Little Miss Scary's house in Sleep.

Mr. Strong breaks Little Miss Scary's door in Sleep.

Mr. Messy throws messy stuff on Mr. Fussy's camera in Sightseeing.

Mr. Rude tests toothbrushes in his mouth and puts them back on the shelf in Clean Teeth.

Little Miss Naughty put bubbles in the Mr. Men and Little Misses' instruments in Music.

Little Miss Naughty switched sweet corn can wrappers with canned snails wrappers in Canned Goods.

Mr. Stubborn shouts Mr. Fussy's answer in Game Shows.

Little Miss Bossy makes sailing camp pirate camp in Pirates.

Little Miss Whoops runs over Mr. Fussy's car in Car Wash.

Mr. Scatterbrain paints Little Miss Scary in Arts & Crafts.

Mr. Strong takes Mr. Fussy's roof in Rainy Day.

Little Miss Whoops ate a hotdog when she's supposed to be serving it to customers in Cinema.

People have kicked out characters in several episodes.

Little Miss Daredevil tries out a Scooter indoors in Superstore.

Mr. Bounce used Little Miss Scary's masks in The Dark.

Mr. Strong made everyone fall out of the Cabin in Travel.

Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy have a Color Fight in Home Improvement.

Mr. Rude farted on Miss Bossy in Telephone.

Mr. Stubborn does Mr. Rude's Stuff Wrong in Home Improvement.

Mr. Grumpy & Mr. Rude use very good insults in all their appearances.

Mr. Stubborn shoves toilet plungers in Mr. Rude's mouth in Home Improvement.

Little Miss Chatterbox puts in crocodiles in Mr. Grumpy's castle in Home Improvement.

Little Miss Whoops ran over Mr. Bump with the rider floor scrubber in Supermarket.

Little Miss Chatterbox distracts Little Miss Calamity and Mr. Bounce in Circus.

Some Mr. Men are having a Air Conditioner party in Mr. Rude's house when they weren't invited in Heatwave.

Little Miss Naughty puts a Cockroach is Mr. Nervous', Little Miss Sunshine's and Mr. Messy's House in Bugs.

Mr. Mechanic jumped over Mr. Bump's house and fell, but Mr. Fussy saved him. And Mr. Fussy fell to the ground.

Little Miss Daredevil blasts off in Mr. Grumpy's store in Science.

All the Mr. Men and Little Misses had a party in Mr. Grumpy's house when they weren't invited in Telephones.

Little Miss Whoops ran over Mr. Bump with the rider floor scrubber again in Lunch

Many Mr, Men had a party in Mr. Fussy's car in Cinema.

Mr. Scatterbrain made Mr. Grumpy pay his bill when giving him ridiculous meals in Restaurants.

Mr. Stubborn drove away from the Dillydale pool in Getting Around.

None of these episodes have morals to them.

Book series

Mr. Uppity and Mr. Clever gave Mr. Small a black eye in Little Miss Trouble.

Mr. Tickle sneaks into Little Miss Shy's house in Little Miss Magic.

Little Miss Helpful sneaks into the wizard's home in Little Miss Helpful.

Little Miss Naughty tells Mr. Worry he's sick when he's not in Little Miss Naughty.

Mr. Men and Little Miss

Little Miss Helpful uses a gun in Little Miss Helpful Goes to the Fair.

Mr Mean traps Miss Tiny for six long months to clean his house in the Christmas Letter.

Mr Noisy plays instruments too loud in Mr Noisy,the Music Man

Mr Tickle tickles people in most of his appearances

Mr Uppity is rude in most of his appearances

Mr Mischief,Miss Naughty,and Miss Trouble all cause trouble in most of their their appearances

Mr Chatterbox and Miss Chatterbox talk too much

Mr. Greedy invades Mr, Nonsense, Miss Dotty, Miss Fickle, and Me, Busy and eat all their food in Mr. greedy Goes to a Dinner Party

Mr Lazy falls asleep and destroys Mr Mean's house in Mr Mean Hasn't A Penny Left. [courtesy of Mr Slow's steamroller]

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