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The S.S. Stubborn is the name of the ship that the Mr. Men and Little Misses cruise on.



The S.S. Stubborn was only a canoe back then, but we can still call it the S.S. Stubborn because Mr. Stubborn is the captain!! He and Mr. Happy are taking a dangorus ride, and Mr. Happy survives, while Mr. Stubborn drowns.


In Boats, the S.S. Stubborn becomes an ocean liner. Ms. Calimity is trying to warn the captain, (Mr. Stubborn, of course) that they should stay clear of iceburgs. In the end, they hit one, and sink, and Mr. Stubborn won't believe her that his ship is sinking but he handed out a floating bed after his ship was sunk (which the top of the bow gets exposed). Little Miss Calimity gets saved by Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Lazy.


The S.S. Stubborn's first mate is seen for the very first time (Little Miss Chatterbox) and she tells Mr. Stubborn that they're sinking, but being Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Stubborn goes under with his ship.

Out To Sea

The name S.S. Stubborn is revealed, and Little Miss Daredevil is taking Mr. Stubborn (captain), Little Miss Chatterbox (first mate), Mr. Happy (reporter), and Mr. Lazy (camera man) to see the THREE times sunk, S.S. Stubborn. Of course, Mr. Stubborn says his boat never sank, and he sank the sub.


  • The ship looks very similar to the RMS Titanic, which sank in 1912 after hitting an iceberg, similar to the S.S Stubborn

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