These are the scene transitions used usually between plots and sometimes, Bumpers. Occasionally, there is a custom transition. These only appearence in Season 1. In Season 2, a transition with dark Mr. Men images was used.

Mr. Happy Being Drawn

A notebook appears, then a pencil draws Mr. Happy's outline, then a paint can fills him in, and Mr. Happy waves.

Episodes used

Mr. Noisy Screaming

Mr. Noisy appears, then he screams, and the scene breaks.

Episodes used

Mr. Nosy Presses His Nose

Mr. Small appears, then lets someone there. Mr. Nosy appears, presses his nose against the "camera", and smiles.

Episodes used

Mr. Bump Caught by Waterfall

A waterfall passes by Mr. Bump on it. Sometimes, he can be heard screaming.

Episodes used

Mr. Scatterbrain On Balloons

Various Mr. Scatterbrain balloons appear, then we see Mr. Scatterbrain hanging on one of them, and he lifts his hat.

Episodes used

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