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Mr Quiet's story: Mr Quiet is surrounded by some loud Music, Waves, and an elephant seal and the ocean seems to be against him.

Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Stubborn's story: Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Stubborn are relaxing on the Beach and Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe that the tide's coming in. Mr. Tickle offers out Ice Lollies as well as Tickling people.

Miss Sunshine's Plot (Deleted in UK): Miss Sunshine tells a story about life on the seashore starring Mr. Bump, Mr. Bounce, and Mr. Fussy.

Mr Fussy's story:Mr Fussy is annoyed and scolds Little Miss Scary for making monster stories at the beach and scaring Mr. Nervous, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Messy while collecting sea shells to make necklaces, but Mr Fussy saw the monster and ran away.


Miss Whoops was wearing a hula skirt and she was doing a Hawaiian dance before the fourth plot.

Little miss scary has a sea monster that talks.

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