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Shoes is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Bump and Little Miss Sunshine visit Mr. Nosey And Mr. Small's Shoe Store to get some new shoes. Soon Mr. Bump gets rocket shoes and goes for a time of his life.
  • Mr. Noisy's Plot: Mr. Noisy has an add for his new store "Mr. Noisy's Shoe a Torium". Eveyone has good taste for this new place.
  • Mr. Stubborn,Mr. Messy, and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Park Rangers Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Quiet help Mr. Messy find his missing shoe.
  • Mr. Fussy's Plot: Mr. Fussy directs the Play "Little Miss Cinderella". With cast: Miss Chatterbox (Cinderella), Mr. Tickle (Evil Step Mother), Miss Naughty and Miss Giggles (Evil Stepsisters), Mr. Grumpy (Prince but soon quits and Mr. Fussy replaces him), Miss Scary (Fairy or Scary God Mother).


  • The main Mr. Men with shoes are Mr. Noisy, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Tall,Miss Magic, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Fussy, Miss Helpful, Mr. Messy, Mr. Funny, Miss Daredevil, Mr. Small, Mr. Nervous, and Miss Calamity.
  • This is the first time we see Mr. Messy with his shoeless foot that look like all the other Mr. Men's.
  • This is the first time we see Miss Scary as a fairy (or scary) godmother. (The second is in Gnomes & Fairies.) 
  • A possible relationship is hinted in this episode by Mr. Noisy when he says "getting that special gift for that special someone" and then shows Mr. Grumpy getting a gift for Miss Chatterbox.
  • Mr. Fussy's feet are pointed in this episode.
  • Mr. Messy says b-b-bear b-b-bear b-b-BEAR! BEAR! BEAR! to the tune of the William Tell overture
  • Miss Chatterbox portrayed Cinderella in this episode.
  • Mr. Bounce falling through the dock in Mr. Noisy's plot may have been a reference to Mr. Bouce's story.
  • Goof: When Miss Naughty tells Mister Grumpy to put the glass slipper on her foot, she is still wearing the same shoe, but when Miss Scary scares everyone, Miss Naughty's shoe vanished.
  • First appearance of Miss Magic.


Miss Naughty puting whip cream or shaving cream in slippers.

  1. Mr. Fussy without his shoes so his wearing slippers which Miss Naughty putting cream.
  2. Mr. Messy eating the cream in slipper. Miss Naughty Gross Mr. Messy eat it.
  3. Miss Daredevil bast her rocket boots.

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