Specsavers is an optical store in the UK. This commercial aired in 2010.


(Camera pans through Happyland)

Narrator: This is Happyland, (Fades to the birds) the birds are happy, (Camera pans down to the flowers) the flowers are happy, (A worm then pops up) even the worms are happy, (Camera pans down to Mr. Happy in his bed who is sad) and the happiest man in Happyland is Mr. Hap- hm, oh dear! What could possibly be wrong?

(Mr. Happy then shows the narrator his glasses)

Narrator: Is it your new glasses?

Mr. Happy: (Goes on walk)

Narrator: Don't tell me you get a second pair free.

Mr. Happy: (Shoves cake in Mr. Greedy's mouth)

Narrator: Obviously not. Or how about some splendid day free shuckle lenses?

Mr. Happy: (Throws trash can on Mr. Messy's head)

Narrator: No? Or a free anti-infection treatment?

Mr. Happy: (Ties Mr. Tickle's hands in a knot)

Narrator: Hm, oh dear. Or surely some free content lenses.

Mr. Happy: (Unwraps Mr. Bump's bottom part of his bandages)

Mr. Bump: (covers his bottom parts) Ooh!

Narrator: Looks like someone should have gone to SpecSavers!

Mr. Happy: (Blows Raspberry)

Narrator: Charming.

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