Adventures of Miss Scatterbrain

The Adventures of Little Miss Scatterbrain is an educational PC game released in 2002 by E.M.M.E. Interactive and Hyptique.


The story opens at morning, but the sun hasn't risen and the village is in darkness. Little Miss Magic phones Little Miss Scatterbrain that she has lost her wand and left her book of spells with Miss Scatterbrain who, true to her name, can't find it. Miss Scatterbrain rushes to the village square where Little Miss Somersault and Miss Magic are having a conversation. Miss Magic tells Miss Scatterbrain that her spell book makes a tingly sound when touched. She orders Miss Scatterbrain to go back to her house.

Miss Scatterbrain's Game

Miss Scatterbrain back to her house where you use the mouse to search through her kitchen for the lost spell-book (it makes a special sound that will help you).

Miss Somersault's Game

Miss Somersault must catch fireflies to help brighten up the village so people can see where they're going. This game is a Whack-a-Mole game style.

Miss Magic's Game #1

Miss Magic must find the happiest Mr Man to recite a spell that will bring the sun back.

Miss Magic's Game #2

The sun is now back, but Miss Magic's wand is still missing. To find out who stole her wand, she must do a special spell. She will need to do the spell by finding a bucket with water, and a rubber duck.

Mr Tickle's Game

Miss Magic has the bucket of water and the duck, and recites a spell that makes a special paint. When she waits for the thief to come, it appears that the thief is invisible, so she phones Mr. Tickle. Mr. Tickle must tickle somebody to show who has paint on their feet.



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