The Adventures of Mr. Tickle is an educational PC game released in 2002 by E.M.M.E. Interactive and Hyptique.
Adventures of Mr Tickle


The game opens with Mr. Tickle, Mr. Noisy, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Somersault and Little Miss Scatterbrain in the square, discussing about that the village has somehow got completely mixed up: The colors are all mixed up, sheep fall asleep in trees, cows toot like car horns, horses quack like ducks, and other animals have been spontaneously speaking Chinese. Eventually Mr. Silly arrives in his car, thinking it is "absolutely fine". Miss Busy says that they should go sort everything out.

Miss Somersault's Game

Miss Somersault sorts out the colors with her spray can.

Mr. Noisy's Game

Mr Noisy uses his special vacuum cleaner to suck up all the sounds that have become trapped in the wrong animals and then blow them back in the right places.

Miss Busy's Game

Miss Busy must put animals, trees and houses back in their correct places.



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