Plump: She's Plump.

Bump: He's Bump.

Late: We're Late.

Naughty: And Naughty.

Tickle: He's Tickle.

Trouble: She's Trouble.

Shy: I'm Shy.

Happy: We're Happy.

Tiny: *jumping* Tiny.

Neat: Neat.

Silly: *is standing upside-down* I'm Silly.

Fussy: This cu-

Splendid and Small: *pointing at Little Miss Sunshine* She's Little Miss Sunshine.

Fussy: I'm Fussy.

Greedy: I'm Greedy.

Forgetful: I've forgotten who I am!

Jelly: I'm Jelly!

Magic: It's Magic!

Mean: I'm Mean.

Bossy: I'm Bossy.

Daydream: Daydream.

Scatterbrain: Scatterbrain! Chatterbox!

ALL: Splendid, Impossible team!

  • All the characters who sang and were mention, plus Mr. Bounce and Miss Helpful appear in a crowd*

Choir: All friends together, the Little Misses and Mr. Men, *zooms to Miss Shy* all friends together round and round we go*zooms out*, back to back and side by side and-

Some of the Mr. Men and Little Misses: On with the show!

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