Mr Men and Little Miss 1983

Plump: She's Plump.

Bump: He's Bump.

Late: We're Late.

Naughty: And Naughty.

Tickle: He's Tickle.

Trouble: She's Trouble.

Shy: I'm Shy.

Happy: We're Happy.

Tiny: (jumping) Tiny.

Neat: Neat.

Silly: (is standing upside-down) I'm Silly.

Fussy: This cu-

Splendid and Small: (pointing at Little Miss Sunshine) She's Little Miss Sunshine.

Fussy: I'm Fussy.

Greedy: I'm Greedy.

Forgetful: I've forgotten who I am!

Jelly: I'm Jelly!

Magic: It's Magic!

Mean: I'm Mean.

Bossy: I'm Bossy.

Daydream: Daydream.

Scatterbrain: Scatterbrain!

Chatterbox: Chatterbox!

ALL: Splendid, Impossible team!

(All the characters who sang and were mention, plus Mr. Bounce and Miss Helpful appear in a crowd)

Choir: All friends together, the Little Misses and Mr. Men, (zooms to Miss Shy) all friends together round and round we go (zooms out), back to back and side by side and-

Some of the Mr. Men and Little Misses: On with the show!

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