The Great Alphabet Hunt is a 1992 special from Abbey Broadcast Communications


Mr. Clever tells us about how he and his friends when on a bus trip to hunt for the alphabet. When someone finds a letter, Mr. Clever writes the word in his book. When he doesn't know where it is, Mr. Tickle gives it to him, and Mr. Clever tells us the story.

Mr. Clever is driving the Bus, Miss Helpful tells him to stop the bus and finds an ant carrying an apple, then Mr. Clever finds Mr. Bounce bouncing with a ball, then Mr. Greedy spots a cake with currants and eats it up. Next, Miss Sunshine finds Miss Splendid with her dog with dots, which fall off. They then find Mr. Strong with a basket of eggs, which he has them for breakfast until they get empty. Next, they find flying fish, and some green grass.

Then Mr. Happy points out Miss Splendid's hat. When the bus stops, Mr. Clever tries to fix his pen, and some ink spatters on Mr. Nonsense. They then find jumping sheep and one knitting a jumper. After that, they find a kangaroo flying a kite, but Mr. Nonsense imagines that the kite would fly the kangaroo, and they find a lion, then they find Mr. Mischief and a monkey, but Mr. Funny couldn't tell which one is the monkey, and the Mr. Men and Little Misses laugh. After that, Mr. Nonsense pokes Mr. Nosey's nose.

Then, everyone goes to the Aquariam, finding an orange octopus, and a pink pig. Then next find a queen, and join up a queue, and Mr. Tall finds a bird called a raven, and a rabbit, and Mr. Greedy when into the kitchen and finds sausages, spaghetti, and spinach, then Mr. Jelly tells us a teapot, a table and Mr. Greedy's tummy. Then it started to rain and everyone went under an umbrella.

Miss Magic makes a vase and a violin appear, then a wizard pops up, and then a worm wakes up from his nap, then the find an exit, which strangely has the x in it instead of beginning it, then they find a yellow yacht and a zoo, then they add an extra bit by adding another z which is in "lazy".

The final scene is where the words that start with each letter from a to z appear, then two brief clips that we saw earlier show up, then the intro plays during the credits.


  • Throughout the program, the characters say all the letters except X in their word forms (though it may have been intentional).
  • When Mr. Tall appears with his umbrella, the wizard appears out of nowhere

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