Mr. Men

  • Mr. Tickle: A dark stripe is added to his hat, and he can actually shrink his arms at will. His body shape also changed into a perfect circle, rather than an oval.
  • Mr. Bounce: His hat is now dark pink, with a lighter pink stripe added to it.
  • Mr. Happy: He is less round.
  • Mr. Nos(e)y: Color is changed to lime green, body shape now looks like a pear, and has an orange oval nose. He also wears a black necktie.
  • Mr. Bump: Number of bandages is reduced to five.
  • Mr. Messy: Body is more solid and has a unibrow. He also wears messy blue sneakers.
  • Mr. Small: Orange seed-shaped body with a large black top hat and sneakers.
  • Mr. Nervous: Purple egg-shaped body and a turquoise nose with lines. He wears black shoes and a pair of glasses.
  • Mr. Grumpy: His nose is now oval-shaped with lines on it, he has gained a uni brow, and he now has a crooked hat with a lighter green stripe.
  • Mr. Tall: He has gained a brown fedora hat.
  • Mr. Fussy: His shoes are now pointed, he now has a bow tie, a pair of glasses, and his mustache is neater. In season 1, his name was changed to Mr. Persnickety, and he was a lighter shade of green, but in season 2, he got his old name and color back.
  • Mr. Strong: He is now an upside-down triangle, he now has a belt, and has larger biceps to emphasis his personality.
  • Mr. Noisy: He is now usually seen with a megaphone to emphasis his personality.
  • Mr. Quiet: He is now an oval-shape, light blue, number of hairs was reduced to 2, and he now has a uni brow.
  • Mr. Lazy: He is now green, skinny, with socks and sandals, a darker green oval-shaped nose, and a magenta messenger hat.
  • Mr. Funny: Nose is larger and has lines, large clown shoes, a bow tie, and no gloves.
  • Mr. Rude: He has traded his top hat in for a pair of brown shows that look like Mr. Noisy's, except smaller.

Little Misses

General Differences

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