Dance Videos that appear in The Mr. Men Show. In Season 2 they appear in some episodes after the Second Bumper.

List of Dance Videos

Season 1

Physical (Mr. Per(s)nickety dances and Mr. Happy (UK: Mr. Noisy) sings; Miss Chatterbox dances and Mr. Happy (UK: Mr. Messy) sings)

Farm (Miss Sunshine and Mr. Per(s)nickety sings; Miss Calamity dances and Mr. Messy sings)

Science (Mr. Lazy dances and Mr. Stubborn (UK: Miss Scary) sings)

Lake (Mr. Lazy dances and Mr. Happy sings; Mr. Nervous dances and Mr. Happy (UK: Mr. Tickle) sings)

Mall (Miss Calamity dances and Mr. Bump sings; Miss Sunshine dances and Mr. Bounce sings)

Flying (Mr Strong dances and Mr Stubborn sings)

Paint (Mr Quiet dances and Mr Noisy sings)

Snow (Miss Whoops dances and Mr Bump (UK: Mr Messy) sings)

Parade (Miss Chatterbox dances and Miss Calamity sings)

Superstore (Miss Whoops dances and Mr. Messy (UK: herself) sings; Mr. Rude dances and Miss Scary sings)

Hotel (Mr. Scatterbrain dances and Mr. Lazy sings)

Dillydale Day (Has a minute-long dance video, with no singing)

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