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Timbuctoo is a spin-off of the Mr. Men series. The books are created by Roger Hargreaves. Timbuctoo was also adopted into an animated TV series.


Each character is depicted with an animal's head (for example: Quack is depicted with a duck's head). Some characters use what their names suggest. There are some human characters in the series.


  • Baa (a sort of sheep)
  • Bleat (a sort of goat)
  • Bray (a sort of donkey)
  • Buzz (a sort of bee)
  • Chatter (a sort of monkey)
  • Chirp (a sort of bird)
  • Cluck (a sort of chicken)
  • Croak (a sort of frog)
  • Grizzle (a sort of bear)
  • Growl (a sort of tiger)
  • Hiss (a sort of snake)
  • Honk (a sort of seal)
  • Hoot (a sort of owl)
  • Meow (a sort of cat)
  • Moo (a sort of cow)
  • Neigh (a sort of horse)
  • Oink (a sort of pig)
  • Puff (a sort of panda)
  • Quack (a sort of duck)
  • Roar (a sort of lion)
  • Snap (a sort of crocodile)
  • Sniff (a sort of rabbit)
  • Squawk (a sort of parrot)
  • Squeak (a sort of mouse)
  • Trumpet (a sort of elephant)
  • Woof (a sort of dog)


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