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An episode of Season 1 in The Mr. Men Show.


.Mr. Grumpy's Story: Mr. Grumpy goes to get his ticket at the ticket counter but Mr. Scatterbrain (who was working at the counter) almost made him miss his train. He makes it in the end, but ends up taking Mr. Scatterbrain's kangaroo, Penguin, with him.

.Miss Daredevil and Mr. Lazy's Story: Little Miss Daredevil packs up her box with a hyper car with Mr. Lazy's help. (Cancelled in the UK version)

.Mr. Persnickity's Story: Mr. Persnickity takes a ride on a train but shares a room with Mr. Rude and Mr. Messy, Mr. Rude's instant sponges which squishes him in the end because they got in water.

.Mr. Nervous's Story: Mr. Nervous drives a train which gets out of control on the tracks then the train will crash. It was really shown he was on a two-minute ride that looks like a train.

.Miss Calamity's Story: Little Miss Calamity plays a game with Little Miss Chatterbox. Then gets trapped in the coach's restroom. She soon gets out and back into the coach safely, but Miss Calamity pushes Mr. Noisy in the restroom by accident, and the exact same thing happens to him.


  • Mr. Small sings a song called The Dillydale Express.
  • When Mr. Rude had his shoes off, his feet smelled; to get rid of the smell, Mr. Persnickity sprayed air freshener at the screen, counting as a fourth wall break.
  • Mr. Bump's suitcase contains his undies.
  • This is one of the episodes where Mr. Rude is actually nice. Right before the sponges exploded, Mr. Rude rescued and saved Mr. Messy from getting squished by them.
  • Only known appearance of Penguin the Kangaroo.


  • Before Mr. Messy appears in the train room, the lights go completely out - there was a window in the room, meaning that there should have been some light visible.
  • When Mr. Rude's sponges got wet, they were on the bottom bunk. Right before they explode, they are on the top bunk.
  • When Mr. Messy gets ice cream all over Mr. Persnickity, his bowtie disappears, reappearing when he is at the sink.



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