The Tree Tunnel was like those trees in California, you can drive right through it. In Trees, Mr. Rude gets stuck in it, and everyone tries to get him out.

People Involved In The Tree Tunnel

  1. Mr. Stubborn (in the beginning of the segment, he was pretty much the ONLY person who went through it.)
  2. Mr. Happy (he is in charge of it)
  3. Little Miss Sunshine (a huge pine come hit her car)
  4. Mr. Rude (his car got stuck in a tree)
  5. Little Miss Curious (she was a witness of when Mr. Rude's "accident" happened. She also was in the car when a giant pine come hit it.)
  6. Mr. Nervous (witness)
  7. Mr. Grumpy (complained, of course!!)
  8. Mr. Strong (tried to pull Mr. Rude's car out.)
  9. Mr. Tickle (came out of nowhere!!)
  10. Mr. Small (witness)
  11. Green Bear (attacked Mr. Rude)

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